visual artist - textiles - sculpture


BraidedPocketMany textile and basketry techniques lend themselves to sculptural outcomes.

This 3 day hands-on workshop applies Spiral Braiding, Looping and Coiling to the making of small vessels from humble rags. Starting with the plying of string from cloth we will shape vessels a different way each day, covering the technical aspects of shaping as we go along.

Experiment and cross-pollination are central to the class and a host of applications and ideas for future projects suggest themselves the more broadly we think.

Bring your own materials to recycle and discover what riches can come from rags! Beginners and experienced participants equally welcome.

Dates: Sat, Sun & Mon 6-7-8 May 2017 (9.30 am – 4.30 pm)
Cost: $460 including a delicious morning tea and lunch
Venue: Timeless Textiles Gallery. 90 Hunter St, Newcastle East, NSW.

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