Uncommon Thread

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Casting (detail)
Desert Life - under, inside, all around...
Weather Vanes (detail)

Casting (detail)

As homage to these mysteries, my slow stitching grows at the rate of coral. Thread spun over fishing line. Hand stitched Coiling. Similar in structure to indigenous basket techniques of this area. Nylon monofilament from fishing rope deteriorating under the sun, brittle, frayed and salt washed, starts to resemble natural forms.

Desert Life
under, inside, all around...

spinifex, budgerigar feathers, silk,
camel hair, cloth, paper, thread
hand stitched
each 3-10cm in diameter

There are tubers under the surface and
feathers in the leaf litter of the mulga.
I felt aware of life all around me -
above, through and below me,
and also through time.

Weather Vanes (detail)

Collaboration with Nicky Hepburn, 2007

seabird feathers, sterling silver
By Tarragal Cave, thousands of soft-topped grasses are dancing over the surface of the hill – hovering just above it like the mist over the river but with a faster, younger energy. Along the coast roll, trip and tumble the spindly seeds of the Hairy Spinifex. The wind whips the grasses into circles and marks spirals in the sand.
Hair in my face, I spread out my arms and lean like a Gannet into the wind.


Craft Victoria
March 2004

jacquard and handloom weaving, felt and leather applique, shell button embellishment

White is my family name. For Whitework, I looked at what I have inherited (habits, expectations, sensibilities, gifts) and asked, “what do I now make with this inheritance"? Personal threads were drawn from the lives of my mother and grandmothers. My mother is a singer/songwriter and the wisdom within her lyrics is a big part of my metaphorical glory box. I literally wove some of her words into my work.

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