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Embracing Design for Weaving – Bendigo

BOOKED OUT! – To inquire about future workshops, Email Ilka here.
A wonderful opportunity for experienced weavers to develop your own designs in response to an idea or theme.
These workshops offer new ways of thinking through our ideas and inspiration.
Ilka encourages visual research, close observation and imaginative mind mapping as part of her process. Information sharing, feedback and group discussions are also facilitated in a supportive, collegial environment.
Allowing a theme to direct our design process and our resulting cloth is an incredibly empowering way to work, as it frees us from following others’ specifications or feeling limited to published projects. Most importantly it gives our muse the role of art director and results in weaving with truly unique aesthetic and tactile qualities.
Weekly classes allow time between sessions to put theory into practice on the loom and return with samples. Ideal for those looking to create a truly individual piece of work!

Places are limited so early booking is recommended.

Venue:  House of Cloth. Shop 5, 11-13 Retreat Rd. Bendigo, Victoria

Date/Time: Thursdays 10am-3pm.  April 23,  April 30 and May 7, 2015  Cost: $175

To book: contact Janet by Email or  Tel. 0438301144