visual artist - textiles - sculpture

SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY                      (Over time these articles will become available for viewing)


Art & Design Publications:

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“Handmade in Melbourne” Jan Phyland & Janet De Silva GSP Books, Melbourne



“Group Exchange” 2nd Tamworth Fibre Textile Biennial. 2014

“Walking the Merri: From Source to Confluence” Rebecca Mayo. Project Space, RMIT 2014

“Time” 2013

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Ghostnets Puppet Play:

“Ghostnets Moa Island Puppets” Textile Fibre Forum, pp.46-48 Issue 2, No. 102, 2011

“Emotional Puppet Show a Triumph at St Pauls” Torres News, p.6.  27 October – 2 November 2010

“Ghost net puppets tell the stories of the Moa Islanders” Torres News, p.10.  13-19 October 2010



Ilka White interview with NETS Victoria.

“Great South-West Arts Walk” Regional Arts Vic. Groundwork, Issue 3, Winter 2006


Desert: Newhaven

“Art finds wings in spirit of land” The Age, Metro p.21 October 6, 2005

“Back to the Heart” The Weekend Australian Magazine, July 30-31 2005



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Craft Culture – Rachel Gorman

ARENA Magazine

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“Whitework” Catalogue Essay, Martine Murray


Churchill Fellowship:

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